JohnVar Presets F.A.Q.

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Presets are photo filters that you can apply to your photos with one click, as you do in other apps like VSCO, Instagram, etc. However, the big advantage of Presets, compared to other common filters, is that they are designed to work on the most professional editing app, Adobe Lightroom! Presets are used by most professional photographers, influencers, designers etc, since it is the best way to create consistency in your images, upgrade your Instagram feed by applying professional edits to your photos with ONE click only! This not only saves you much time when editing photos but the best thing is that no prior editing knowledge is required to use them!

After your purchase, you will receive via e-mail a detailed step-by-step installation guide. If you have any trouble with the installation or need any sort of help with using the presets, you can contact us on Instagram (@johnvarpresets) or email us at We'll get back to you asap.

Upon purchase, you get lifetime access to your JohnVar Presets. This means that you can use the presets as long as you like, there is no expiration date and no subscription. Even if you lose your presets, we will send them back to you for free!

If you change your mobile device or delete the Lightroom app, you might lose your installed presets. However, there are two ways to retrieve your installed presets. First, try logging into Lightroom with the same account that you used to install the presets and check if the presets are automatically synced on your new device. If you still cannot find your presets, you will have to install them again. In this case, you need to follow the installation instructions that you received after the purchase of JohnVar Presets and reinstall the presets on your device. If you are missing the installation files, please contact us at and we will send them to you again.

After purchasing JohnVar Presets, links to download your presets and installation instructions will be sent instantly to your email.

To use JohnVar Presets, you will need to download & install the Adobe Lightroom Mobile Editor on your mobile device (free on AppStore & GooglePlay). No subscription and no other extra costs are required to use our presets.

Unfortunately, you can only use the presets to edit your photos.

Since presets are digital goods and cannot be returned, we are unable to issue refunds. If you are unhappy with the editing results, or if you have some trouble installing/using JohnVar Presets , please contact us at or DM @johnvarpresets and we will get back to you asap.

Yes! JohnVar Presets are specifically designed for mobile photos! By using our presets you can get high quality photos without having to pay for any expensive camera equipment.

Yes. JohnVar Presets can be installed on any smartphone device (Android & iPhone).

Yes, all presets can be used on the Desktop version of Lightroom as well. If you need help installing them, please contact us and we'll help you through.

No. JohnVar Presets in fact enhance the details of your photos without lowering their quality. Please note, that the higher the quality of your photo, the better the final editing result will be.

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